2015 – MeGAL bills for Family Court and Guardian ad litem Reform

This year we are lucky enough to have ( 6 ) bills which have been sponsored for legislation. While we do not expect all of them to become bills/ laws – if nothing more this will be an opportunity to educate our representatives to the problems in our Family Court system. In 2013 we had several bills sponsored of which one became a bill ( LD 872 ). The following are bills which we know are related to the issues in Family Court. Look over the list and if you find others that should be a part of this list please contact us (see below):

LR 825 Title: An Act To Require Shared Parenting of Minor Children When the Parents Separate Sen. Dutremble of York

LR 826 Title: An Act To Ensure Accountability of Guardians Ad Litem – Sen. Dutremble of York

LR 831 Title: An Act To Require That a Guardian Ad Litem Be Licensed – Sen. Dutremble of York

LR 832 Title: An Act To Define the “Best Interest” of a Child – Sen. Dutremble of York

LR 1436 Title: An Act To Provide an Audit of Pro Se Experience in Family Courts – Rep. Seavey of Kennebunkport

LR1658 Title: An Act To Move Oversight of Guardians Ad Litem to the Department of Professional and Financial Regulation – Sen. Dutremble of York

To find the bill listings please do a search based on the LR “Number”. For example searching for “832” should bring you to ” An Act To Define the “Best Interest” of a Child Sen. Dutremble of York”. In addition there are a number of bills which may or may not pertain to Family Court Reform which may be found on page 77 under JUD – Judicial Dept

This is a pdf file which may need to be downloaded: 127th Maine State Legislature

Please feel free to contact us at MeGALalert@gmail.com for further information on becoming involved and/ or if you find bills that may be of interest as it relates to the Family Court. You may also find us on Facebook.