Governor Paul LePage Helping Families Get Through The Family Court System In Maine.

My boyfriend Paul Collins and I have a Facebook page MeGALalert,a Facebook page The Pro se Way, a blog on WordPress with the same names and a blog here on BDN And Justice For All. It all started back in 2011 when Paul was going through a lengthy and contemptuous divorce with the custody of his son hanging in the balance. What we perceived as the problem was a rogue Guardian Ad Litem who sided with the mother without the full story being disclosed. $15,000 later and the case was not quite over so we started to write about our experiences. We found out we weren’t alone.

We received calls and letters and emails and many stood out. But 2 in particular were helpful and were from David Dutremble (D) and Lisa Villa (D) Democratic representatives here in Maine.

Paul and his father, Dr. Jerome Collins and I formed a team that wrote letters, answered to the best of our abilities anyone who had questions about family court issues and with the help of Lisa Villa and Dave Dutremble, hearings were held in Augusta on Family Court issues including Guardian ad litem reform.

Governor Paul LePage reached across the aisle and with all of us there signed into law LD 872 An act to improve the quality of Guardian ad litem services for the children and families of Maine. We are proud of all our efforts, we are proud of the Democratic representatives David Dutremble and Lisa Villa and we are proud of Governor Paul Lepage who reached out and didn’t waiver in a bipartisan effort to help Maine families!