Credibility determinations are left to the sound Judgment of the trier of Fact

One (out of many) of our favorite quotes from a Maine Supreme Court decision has the ring of final authority that is almost biblical. To us, it effectively seems to say, folks, on this sacred verity there is no possible … Continue reading

A Maine Commission to Assess the Impact of Divorce and Custody on Maine Children and Families

RE:   A Maine Commission to Assess the Impact of Divorce and Custody on Maine Children and Families. The Governor State of Maine Dear Governor LePage, Divorce in Maine, when child custody is involved, has evolved into an expensive, barbaric, often … Continue reading

Would you want a Guardian ad litem with this kind of training?

This is a look at two businesses. One financial the other legal. Both deal with sensitive information, rules and regulations. Both have training programs to give the tools needed to stay within accepted standards and compliance. Both are radically different. … Continue reading


We were provided with an email about the following event to be presented by Tracie Adamson Esq, Judicial Branch Family Division Manager. We do not know if this is open to the public – but the public should be aware … Continue reading

Family Law Advisory Commission Review of Proposed Rules for Guardians ad litem

The following letter was sent out this morning to the Hon Leigh Saufley directly with copies going to the Governor and members of the Judiciary Committee. While the Hon Leigh Saufley asked for commentary from the committee that is working … Continue reading

LD872 – “Oversight” and what it means for Guardians ad litem

In the simplest terms, oversight means knowing what they do, how they spend their time. At the present no one in authority  actually knows the full details. No one in the higher levels of the Judicial Branch has a complete … Continue reading

An Open Letter to President of the Maine Senate Justin Alfond on LD47

The following is a letter that was sent to Senator Justin Alfond asking for the reasons for tabling a bill that parents and the Judicial Branch do not want: Subject: LD 47: Please, “kill” it! AN OPEN LETTER TO PRESIDENT … Continue reading

The Violation of Maine’s Constitution by Judiciary and Guardians ad litem

The following letter suggest that there are serious issues with regards to LD522 and whether if it is implemented would be a violation of Maine’s Constitution. This is not the first time where we have seen what would be an … Continue reading

Special Interest Support of LD522 – by Lawyers, Judges, GALs

On Thursday March 28th in testimony to the Judiciary Committee a number of people made excellent suggestions about controlling Guardian ad litem costs and fees.  Means testing, fee caps, regular bill reporting and … oversight of billing by the management … Continue reading