Would you want a Guardian ad litem with this kind of training?

This is a look at two businesses. One financial the other legal. Both deal with sensitive information, rules and regulations. Both have training programs to give the tools needed to stay within accepted standards and compliance. Both are radically different. … Continue reading

Task Force to hold public hearings on Family Matters Cases

The Task Force will hold public meetings to gather public comments and suggestions that will be used to better serve the needs of children and families. Public meetings will be held at the following courts and the speaker will be … Continue reading


We were provided with an email about the following event to be presented by Tracie Adamson Esq, Judicial Branch Family Division Manager. We do not know if this is open to the public – but the public should be aware … Continue reading

Connecticut Attorney Sharon Dornfeld troubled by comments from Parent

In Maine last year the Judicial Branch set up two committees similar to the Task Force that is exploring issues within the Connecticut court system. In both cases Guardians ad litem were the focus. In both cases we see the … Continue reading

Notice of Opportunity to Comment – Proposed Amendment Rules for Guardians ad litem

The Judicial Branch is looking for comments regarding the proposed amendments to the rules for Guardians ad litem. This is an opportunity to express your thoughts on what future parents/ consumers will have to work with. Your experience with Guardians … Continue reading

The Time We Agreed On Has Come and Gone and Now I Want My Child Back.

The Father of My Child Has My Son or Daughter & Won’t Give Him to Me, and Neither of Us Have Custody If you were never married to your child’s father, you probably have legal custody without realizing it, even … Continue reading

Surrogate: 1. a person or thing acting as a substitute; a person appointed to act for another

We see it all the time. We know you have seen it, too. Hopefully it isn’t happening to you. When you divorce your ex and it doesn’t go smoothly, residual hard feelings get transposed in many different ways. One of … Continue reading

Bomb Threats and Secrecy – How the Overseers Handle Discipline of Lawyers

Recently, there have been two lawyers who have faced significant complaints before the Overseers of the Bar. We ask: Did the bar provide the oversight and management that the public expects? One of the lawyers,  Ron Hoffman, was brought before … Continue reading

Is this Really Oversight? How the Overseers of the Bar Operates.

The Overseers of the Bar has by all appearances an open process of complaint for the public. If I was researching a lawyer I am able to view 13 years of complaints brought against 247 lawyers. Each decision has a … Continue reading