A Basic Tool Kit for Grass Roots Family Court Reform

We have been asked by many people how we got MeGALalert, our Family Court and Guardian ad litem reform program, started and what beginning grassroots activists should do to get going? We grew our program, MeGALalert by stages and degrees, … Continue reading


Wikipedia defines an audit as: “A planned and documented activity performed by qualified personnel to determine by investigation, examination or evaluation of objective evidence  the adequacy and compliance with established procedures or applicable documents and the effectiveness of implementation. A … Continue reading

Hate Mail – a Tactic that Violates our Beliefs and Ethics

We’ve all experienced it. We recognize it by the tension in our stomach as we read it, by its extremist perspective, by the writer’s views on whatever the “hate” topic – close to ours in some ways, yet somehow a … Continue reading

An appeal to Maine’s Supreme Court: Dalton Vs. Dalton CUM-13-521 – the Final Dance

The final installment in the appeal to Maine’s Supreme Court of Dalton V Dalton – Maloney response to Bixby. III) BETH MALONEY’S REPLY TO SUSAN BIXBY By our reading, the Maloney reply to Bixby’s response is a lot easier for … Continue reading

An appeal to Maine’s Supreme Court: Dalton Vs. Dalton CUM-13-521 – the Lawyers Debate

We welcome this chance to publish the final two steps in an appeal to Maine’s Supreme Court, the Dalton vs Dalton case. Step II, which follows here, is attorney Susan Bixby’s reply to Beth Maloney’s original brief.  Maloney’s brief, published … Continue reading

Sen David Dutremble – Time for OPEGA Audit of Family Courts

Parents, family members and friends are outraged over the recent “promotion” of Hon Jeffrey Moskowtz to Deputy Chief Judge. Senator David Dutremble recently wrote to all of Maine’s representatives, Gov. Paul LePage and the Judicial Branch concerning this “promotion”. Both … Continue reading

Is the promotion of the Hon Jeffrey Moskowitz good for Maine’s Families and children?

It is now official that the Hon Jeffrey Moskowitz has been named Deputy Chief of Maine’s District Courts. He is taking over from Deputy Chief Judge Mullen who is moving on to a Superior Court position.  How Moskowitz was selected … Continue reading

Constitutional Issues – Marisa Ringel testimony to Supreme Court

Connecticut has had a string of hearings dealing with Family Court and Guardian ad litem reform. It is much needed there as it is in just about every state in the union. The following is written testimony that was presented … Continue reading

Questions we would like our Judges to answer

Dear Member of the Maine Judiciary Committee of the Legislature, Re: Judging judges: hearings on judicial appointments or reappointment At MeGAL we are writing you-in our role as grassroots advocates for Guardian ad litem and family court reform-about your committee’s … Continue reading

Credibility determinations are left to the sound Judgment of the trier of Fact

One (out of many) of our favorite quotes from a Maine Supreme Court decision has the ring of final authority that is almost biblical. To us, it effectively seems to say, folks, on this sacred verity there is no possible … Continue reading