“All Judges Should Obey the Law, Like Anyone Else” US Associate Justice Elena Kagen

Must Maine Judges obey the law, “like anyone else”? It is a vital issue that must be decided by the Judiciary Committee of the Legislature as a result of this re-appointment hearing.  1.) WE OPPOSE THE RE-APPOINTMENT OF JUDGE JEFFREY … Continue reading

Hon Jeffrey Moskowitz expected to face opposition in reappointment

“Judge who levied gag order expected to face challenge in reappointment” By Judy Harrison BDN The article is about Hon Jeffrey Moskowitz and talks about his reappointment endorsement before Maine’s Judiciary Committee on May 7, 2015 starting at 2 pm. … Continue reading

“In the Child’s Best Interest” a Misleading Standard abused by Guardians ad litem!

The current standard for child custody decisions, “in the child’s best interest,” is misleading. It presumes that a Guardian ad litem with only 20 hours of ill defined training will be objective in making recommendations to the court regarding a … Continue reading

Complaining About Judicial Conduct – The Oversight of Judges

We welcome a chance to respond to Divorce Corp‘s invitation to speak out on the topic, “oversight of judges” or the efficacy of corrective action for allegations of judicial misbehavior. The brief answer to the issue posed by Divorce Corp … Continue reading

Is the Re-appointment Process of Judges Broken – the Endorsement of the Hon Patricia Worth

On Thursday March 19, 2015 was a moment of truth at the re-appointment hearing for the Hon Patricia Worth. A gang of lawyers, a representative of the bar, a judge and the head of the Judicial re-appointment committee came to … Continue reading

Bullying Judges Affects Lives

Does this title sound like preposterous, science fiction fantasy? The very idea of anyone bullying a stern, sober, black-robed judge, sitting high on the bench of a district court room sounds like one, huge stretch, but consider the dynamics. Judges … Continue reading

Tardiff V Sullivan – Another Poster Child case for a Dysfunctional Family Court

We are pleased to be able to publish this brief, a public document and an appeal to the Maine Supreme Court. It is a horrifying story. It shows how a series of court actions have deprived a good man, a … Continue reading

Management by Crisis – The Judicial Branch and Financial Shortfall 2015

Last week we had a sudden change to the Judiciary Committee schedule. The Judicial Branch was making a presentation to the Judiciary Committee for a supplemental budget of $1M to get through to July 2015. This is not the first … Continue reading

LD 349, SP 132, 127th Legislature An Act To Ensure Accountability of Guardians Ad Litem

Summary of this bill: 1. Removes the quasi-judicial immunity provided to guardians ad litem by statute; 2. Allows a cause of action and the award of punitive damages against guardians ad litem who falsely accuse parties of abuse or neglect … Continue reading

Why is the Divorce Industry Calling Us “Bad Sports”…. Again?

Once again, we are hearing from the Maine divorce industry a repeat of their 2013 analysis of consumer complaints about Maine Guardians ad litem (GALs) and Family Courts. To put it in a very small nutshell: “Whiners!”,  “Losers!”,  “Those with … Continue reading