Surrogate Father for Gradual Reintroduction in Son’s Life? Yes according to Guardian ad litem

Back in March of this year we published the story of a parent whose child was forced to spend a weekend with a Guardian ad litem. This was to be just the child and Guardian ad litem who was at … Continue reading

An Open Letter to President of the Maine Senate Justin Alfond on LD47

The following is a letter that was sent to Senator Justin Alfond asking for the reasons for tabling a bill that parents and the Judicial Branch do not want: Subject: LD 47: Please, “kill” it! AN OPEN LETTER TO PRESIDENT … Continue reading

Do Stakeholders in Maine Board of Overseers have your Best Interest?

In 1978 the The Maine Board of Overseers of the Bar was created by the Supreme Court of Maine. It is a private organization entrusted with the responsibility of oversight of Maine’s lawyers. It is the only private organization that … Continue reading