Maine’s 128 Legislature to Consider Bills Concerning Guardians ad litem

We are aware of three bills concerning Guardians ad litem which will be up for consideration in Maine’s 128 legislative session. Currently all we have are the titles of three bills. They are as follows:

Under the heading of Domestic Relations / Child Custody – found in page 90

LR 688 An Act Concerning Guardians ad Litem and Determinations Regarding the Best Interests of a Child in Custodial Relative Caregiver Cases – Rep Picchiotti of Fairfield

Under the heading of Probate / Guardian ad litem – found on page 94

LR 383 An Act To Ensure Complete Investigations by Guardians ad Litem – Rep Picchiotti of Fairfield
LR 1937 An Act To Repeal the Sunset Date on the Children’s Guardian ad Litem Law – Rep Moonen of Portland

We have written to both Representatives for a summary of these three bills to help us determine the impact on the consumers of Judicial Services – Maine’s Families. More will be forthcoming on these bills,

MeGAL is working to bring about change to the Family Court process in Maine. We do this through the education of Parents and our Representatives of the issues regarding “Family” Courts and the vendors our courts support. If you would like more information we would encourage you to contact us at or find us on Facebook.