Your Ex, Your New Love And The Poison Your Ex Shares With Your Child.

When a divorce is happening and you have made the decision to move on with your life, dating and meeting a new someone, a special someone takes great patience and thought.

That’s not to say that you or your soon to be ex, were angels. maybe you or your ex, had a relationship while the divorce was being worked out and before the papers were signed. In this blurred vision, instant gratification world, this kind of thing happens frequently.

Times have changed since our parents were married, that’s for sure!

When you introduce someone to your child(ren) hopefully it will be at a time when the tensions have eased between the two of you. This isn’t always how it goes and so in many cases, the poison begins.

You love your child, your ex loves your child and now with your new love involved, your ex feels threatened. Time and time again, we have heard reports of the ex saying negative things about the new love and no matter how hard that person tries to connect with your child, when the child goes home to the custodial parent, that connection is at best tainted and in time broken.

If this describes you or your relationship. seek counseling. The person hurting the most is your child. He or she is torn not only between parents he loves but that someone attempting to add to his or her life and is being denied this opportunity out of hurt and or spite.