Divorce, Custody and the Secretive Child.

Who out there is a non custodial parent who sees their child or children on weekends and vacations and has a secretive child?

What do we mean by a secretive child?

Our definition of a secretive child is :A child who resides with your ex and won’t share any information on anything that goes on there. A child who won’t even tell you what he/she had for dinner as a way of protecting the custodial parent. This is troubling particularly if the ex has had issues with drugs and/or alcohol.

The interesting part of this is the ex will grill the child on what happened at the non custodial parents house. The secretive child has no problem sharing the good and if anything bad happened, that’s even better! The secretive child can see the joy of revealing any misstep, any problem, any bad word uttered at the non custodial parents house knowing it brings joy to the custodial parent.

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