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What do you do when you are divorced, with a child or more than one, your ex has physical custody of your child and your ex cannot communicate with you without accusations, put downs and sarcasm happening?

One would have thought that the court appointed guardian ad litem would have made the right decision on which parent had physical custody.and sometimes even with evidence presented to the contrary, this isn’t always the case.

We have heard from many who can’t have a civilized phone conversation with their ex so all communication is done through texting or emails. The only time the ex is decent to them is if the ‘parent with control’ needs the court order to be altered for their benefit. “Can you pick him/her up early, I have errands to run.” or “Will you keep him/her for an extra day, I have to work.” This is usually agreed to as the non custodial parent is starving for time with their child(ren). But try and bend the schedule the other way and this is fodder for criticism, it’s hard to win with a control freak.

Guardian ad litems are supposed to facilitate positive results between parents and some do. When those who shouldn’t get custody or reports that should reflect problems with the potential custodial problem aren’t investigated properly, life altering changes for the parent  and the child,can and do occur.

We are proud of our work that has resulted in the beginnings of guardian ad litem reform. Good guardian ad litems listen, file timely reports with interviews reflecting time spent with both parents interacting with the child. They provide detailed and timely billing that spells out the work they have done and make it clear what the parents owe and why they owe it.

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