Good is Bad and Bad is Good. Does Crime Really Pay?

Even in this day and age, we still like to think that most people feel that jail is for “low lifes”, and that you have to be brazen to brag about it.

There is also the matter of this particular form of self-promotion and the teaching message it gives your children: “Crime is chic!”

Less is more when exposing a certain age group to a parents not so good behavior.

In terms of custody, not even time in prison and a felony conviction can keep some parents from getting custody regardless of the other parents lack of criminal record.

We also wonder, would most people’s children want their mom or dad to advertise that they were a lawbreaker and a jail bird.

Let’s see. we really admired Timothy McVeigh and the Unabomber.  OJ Simpson was pretty cool too. The President is friends with Bill Ayers,criminals are really very nice.  Sometimes they have a great sense of humor too. (Please take note of implied sarcasm)

Redemption if it truly occurs, is admirable but promoting it as something to look up to and broadcast it so your school age child knows about it, is something else.

It poses challenges in teaching children right and wrong.