LD872 An Act To Improve the Quality of Guardian ad Litem Services for the Children and Families of Maine

Has passed and is waiting to be signed into law by Governor Paul LePage

For the first time in almost 40 years there is going to be some measure of oversight of Guardians ad litem in the state of Maine. Since the late 90’s bills have been sponsored that have strengthened the hand of Guardians ad litem. This often came at the expense of families and ultimately the children these ‘professionals’ were helping. With no oversight, accountability or management Guardians ad litem have become free spirits and operated outside of the boundaries of their original role.

In 2013 with the help of Sen David Dutremble and Rep Lisa Villa – bills were sponsored that attempted to correct the imbalance that had taken over. Out of four bills LD872 survived.

Today we are on the verge of having some measure of oversight. Where hard data on what is going on with Guardians ad litem will be generated and used instead of stuffed away in the card board boxes the system currently uses.

Please thank Sen David Dutremble, Rep Lisa Villa and the Judiciary Committee for all of the hard work and personal sacrifice that has been given to make this happen.

Sen. David Dutremble can be reached at: ddutrem1@gmail.com

Rep. Lisa Villa can be reached at:  villa98staterep@gmail.com

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