Parental Coordinator Rules – As Proposed by Maine Guardian ad Litem Institute (MEGALI)

With little or no fanfare to the public the State of Maine Judicial Branch is asking for comments on the proposed rules for Parenting Coordinators (Proposed Rules for Parenting Coordinators). A parental Coordinator is a “professional” Court Officer that comes in as a neutral party in high conflict divorce cases. They act as a mediator of sorts to help all parties involved to come to agreement. In theory the idea is well founded. In practice though the “profession” is wrapped in controversy – much like Guardians ad litem.

The Supreme Judicial Court is considering these proposed Rules for Parenting Coordinators. These rules were drafted and proposed by the Maine Guardian Ad Litem Institute (the trade organization founded by Toby Hollander – that promotes the special interests of Guardians ad litem within the state). At the same time there is a bill submitted by Representative Terry Hayes (D – Buckfield and MEGALI member) that essentially asks to retain the position of Parental Coordinators in the Judicial Branch (HP 42). The bill is to repeal the termination of the current law set for January 1, 2014.

We encourage the public to respond via email to ( ) in text or as an attachment (pdf). Comments must be filed with the clerk of the Supreme Judicial Court no later than Friday, January 25, 2013 at 4 pm. We echo the recommendations of the commission that reviewed these proposed rules – and that is to reject the adoption of the rules. We have had numerous complaints about the conduct of Parental Coordinators. Contracts that are unclear and the conduct that stretches beyond what the original scope of a Parental Coordinator. If you have questions or concerns about Parental Coordinators we encourage you to contact us for help and support at