Maine – the way life should be…..

That is how we greet our visitors to the State of Maine. Yet if those visitors knew the track record Maine holds with our children they may disagree. Ethan Henderson (of Arundel who recently died as a result of his father –  shaking and throwing his son to his eventual death) certainly didn’t have a much of a life that anyone one here would want to have.

Maine has a problem. The systems that are supposed to protect its innocent has failed and failed dramatically. According to First Star, Maine has had an “F” for the last three of three reports. Although we are not the only state that can make this claim (Florida, Idaho, Hawaii and North Dakota have also had three “F’s”) do we want to be at the bottom? Is this how we want to be seen by the rest of the country? Or the world?

Yes not only has the death of Ethan Henderson been played up here in Maine. It has been played up Nationally and Internationally.

Two-month-old boy dies from brain damage – Daily Mail UK

What an embarrassment to our way of life. Is this really the way life should be? Not from our point of view.

Maine needs to overhaul the way the State handles our children’s safety. There appears on all levels to be a lack of oversight and transparency in dealing with issues surrounding our future. To quote Godside (BDN):

“There are no excuses.”

Or Bangorian (BDN):

“There was obviously a serious failure of the child welfare system in this case. The broken arm at four weeks would have triggered an investigation. This should not have happened.”

Or countymom (BDN):

“Wow that’s a lot to go thru in 10 weeks of life, a broken arm and then a severe brain bleed.”

Where was DHHS while this was going on? Who remembers Logan Marr from ten years ago? In both cases Maine looses out. In both cases and in others it is a travesty that Maine has lost these young innocents. In the end it is you and I that will pay. It is you and I that will lose. Is it not time that Maine makes an effort to improve the safety of our children. How many more Logan Marr’s and Ethan Henerson’s will there be before Maine gets an A on its report card?

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  1. This is a sad commentary on how the ‘ball was dropped’ and an innocent life is over. The broken arm of a newborn boy should have been enough to get the children pulled from the home if the sister’s injuries weren’t enough to prompt that move. A review and change of the system is needed before other children die.

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