To Recuse Or Not To Recuse That is The Question

Judicial Disqualification or recusal has been an issue in Maine courts for years. This is especially so in our Family Court system where often a litigant will be seen by a judge who maybe a neighbor, a friend or even … Continue reading

Public Lockout: From Deliberations by the Judiciary Committee of the Maine Legislature

All legislative committees are mandated by Maine law to conduct hearings, deliberations, and work sessions in public. But in a May 19 speech on the Senate floor, state Sen. David Dutremble (D-Biddeford) reported that the Judiciary Committee conducted such business … Continue reading

Public Access: Is the Judiciary Committee Leveling With You?

When State Senator, David Dutremble (D. Biddeford), in a speech form the floor of the Senate on Tuesday, accuses members of the Legislature’s Judiciary Committee of manipulating the judiciary re-appointment of controversial Judge Moskowitz, it is a serious charge that … Continue reading

Sen David Burns Replies to our Open Letter

Within hours of our letter going out to Senator David Burns we received a response back from him. Below is Sen Burn’s response. Dr. Collins, Thank you for your questions. First and foremost, the Judiciary Chairs follow the Maine Constitution … Continue reading

An Open Letter to Judiciary Committee on Confirmation of the Hon Jeffrey Moskowitz

In an effort to have government transparent we are publishing the following letter to Sen David Burns. The letter deals with the confirmation deliberations that the Judicial Committee had over a weekend before a unanimous vote was given. It was … Continue reading

Senate Confirmation of the Hon. Jeffrey Moskowitz

In the end the Hon Jeffrey Moskowitz was confirmed. We saw that it was going to happen. That the establishment and big money lawyers were going to ram it down our throats. The flurry of activity behind the scenes. The … Continue reading

Questions that we hope the Judiciary Committee will ask Judge Moskowitz

Senator Dutremble Dear Senator Dutremble: Regarding the re-appointment of Judge Jeffrey Moskowitz As supporters and constituents we are asking you to forward this questionnaire to the Judiciary Committee of the Maine Legislature. Many people watching and listening to the Judge … Continue reading

“All Judges Should Obey the Law, Like Anyone Else” US Associate Justice Elena Kagen

Must Maine Judges obey the law, “like anyone else”? It is a vital issue that must be decided by the Judiciary Committee of the Legislature as a result of this re-appointment hearing.  1.) WE OPPOSE THE RE-APPOINTMENT OF JUDGE JEFFREY … Continue reading

Hon Jeffrey Moskowitz expected to face opposition in reappointment

“Judge who levied gag order expected to face challenge in reappointment” By Judy Harrison BDN The article is about Hon Jeffrey Moskowitz and talks about his reappointment endorsement before Maine’s Judiciary Committee on May 7, 2015 starting at 2 pm. … Continue reading

“In the Child’s Best Interest” a Misleading Standard abused by Guardians ad litem!

The current standard for child custody decisions, “in the child’s best interest,” is misleading. It presumes that a Guardian ad litem with only 20 hours of ill defined training will be objective in making recommendations to the court regarding a … Continue reading